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  • What is Ushr?

    Ushr is a certification that guides events to be run as sustainably and ethically as possible. We provide support, from concept to execution, in order to create events that don't cost the earth.

    Running an Ushr Certified event communicates to attendees, keynotes and sponsors alike that conscious action has been taken to minimize environmental impact.

    From water bottles to speaker gifts, there are many aspects of the planning and running of events that can be unsustainable. Ushr helps people running events to make environmentally and socially smart decisions within their event planning process. Ushr is an affordable system that works on events of any size.
    The flow on effect of becoming Ushr Certified means that not only are events more sustainable, but the participants and partners of events start to notice what a waste-responsible event can look like. We aim to create a momentum where responsible events become the standard.
    The cost of certification is a minimum of $1 added to the ticket price, to be invoiced per ticket sold at the completion of the event.

  • How Does It Work?

    Easy as 1-2-3



    Register your event and sign our 'Declaration of Intent' to meet at least 8 of the Ushr Certification criteria



    Receive your personalised Ushr support kit with everything needed to guide you in meeting the criteria



    Your event is sustainable, accountable, ethically conscious and responsible- aka Ushr Certified

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